Kinky Sex in Golf club Land

Kinky Sex in Golf club Land

Kinky sex isn’t just shackled to your bed. You may make it out on a leash to the club scene. We asked Xpanded TV babe and resident kinky sex aficionado Verity Strict of xpanded. com to tell us extra about the sexy shenanigans taking place at fetish incidents in the big city.


I reflect fondly on my first time at London’ ersus biggest fetish ball. My own education of fetish club sets was limited to the small femdom gatherings where I discovered my craft as a mistress, and the kinky sex within my personal life. I like factors small and intimate, so the moment my photographer friend Richard called me about a spare ticket I actually took some convincing. I usually relegate me to the kitchen during a party. The venue had a skilled fetish booth, a vintage S& M salon and a primary arena – But simply no kitchen to hide in!

Rich’ s other half had cleared off and he isn’ t the kind that likes to be seen by themselves. So after some prodding I relented. I was carrying out a favour of course , as a friend.

“ You could even find out that you’ re into kinky love-making. ” Rich laughed. He’ s been aware of my inclination towards the depraved for years.

“ Yeah, like that’ s going to happen”.

Two days to go before the event and I built a trip into the city to find something to wear. I had lunch time at Covent Garden and stopped by a favourite fetish store of mine. The routine is simple. Press the buzzer, look at your feet and shift your gaze laterally until you are asked in, then sink on the ground floor into the underworld of Manchester. The store’ s wall is plastered with flyers for the many BDSM incidents on the London kink landscape, the cellar filled with acrylic clothing. A cork mother board crucifix flanks a natural leather swing. A little abstract I think, but as this is a shrine to rubber fetish wear, I guess you could say there may be some kind of worship going on.

A middle age gentleman stands nervously at the counter, presumably ducking away at lunch time on an ‘ errand’. The sadist in me enjoys making him feel uneasy so as this individual chatters away at me personally I make sure he feels my gaze analysing every nuance of this transaction. The store assistant rings up an extra small rubber corset throughout the till. DEFINITELY too small for him, so I deduced it was for someone else.

“ Something for the weekend? ” I inquire.

His giggle is a little too high pitched as he fumbles with his Amex. His left hand slumps by his side and poorly conceals a wedding ring.

Not for the wife either.

The tool greets me as a familiar, ringing up the red attire and stockings as I serve curiously over a cabinet of kinky sex toys that turns into increasingly unnerving from top to bottom. My spouse and i glow on the way home, my personal purchase inconspicuous, reveling in a closely guarded dirty magic formula. I spot the guy drinking coffee a few roadways away and we exchange a knowing glance but nothing considerably more. The BDSM scene has taught me that in the world of kinky sex, discretion only heightens the thrill.

The evening of the ball rolls around and I join Richard and two porn starlets, Emma and Brooke in a rented apartment a few streets away from venue. Rich lives in Manchester but insists on booking a place in the city center every time a major fetish event takes place. He’ s assured he’ ll get lucky and wildly enough his bravado usually enables him to get a girl or a person or several to head to ‘ his place’ to continue the party.

Emma looked gorgeous. For business purposes, Emma is andr?gino but recreationally only hooks up with women. We have attained before, but the stars never aligned for us to fuck. A few drinks later and she’ s telling me personally that she’ s submissive when it comes to her taste in kinky sex (perfect) and in the cab on the way at this time there she curls into my personal lap and slides her hand up my quad. I joke to her that everyone seems to have conspired to cover their clothes or none whatsoever underneath a mac. We ponder why this is the even of perverts. Speaking of the uniform, the fetish ball enforces a strict gown code and those not in fetish wear will be quickly turned away. Luckily we seem to make the cut and that we are ushered in by security. We disrobe in the cloakroom.

Rich swans off to chat to models ‘ in the twist scene’; ever the sociable butterfly and I head with Emma and Brooke into the main room, the huge speaker systems already pumping out throbbing drum and bass. The crowd is an invasion on the senses. It looks like every single freak from every bass speaker culture of the London twist scene is here in full attractiveness for their dose of perverted sex: rubberists, drag a queen and slaves. Oh my personal. It’ s positively banging Bacchanalian.

The background music dampens as the audience fixes their attention to the night’ s entertainment. There is also a shibari and wax take up performance, followed by fire predators and burlesque dancers. The music thrusts the revelers out-and-in the carnival, and when the atmosphere just begins to want to will swallow me up, I take a walk through the salon playroom to play voyeur. Using one side of the room players politely introduce themselves to one another in juxtaposition to a few tearing each other apart. Still though, the etiquette is impeccable. It’ s a rule of the scene in order to keep distance when you are not engaged and ALWAYS ask permission ahead of you touch someone.

There are specific theme rooms currently happening for those who have specific kinky sex fantasies. Personally my favourite is a medical fetish room. This harkens back to my times as a student: dirty, dark and lots of sex going on. We still look rather getting in a lab coat. I used to be also rather impressed with the amount of props to try out with. I thought my adult toy closet was intimidating, but this beat me hands down. Usually, it’ s myself dishing out the beating.

Brooke and Emma seem to have disappeared nonetheless I find them on a settee in the medical fetish area making a show of themselves for a group of guys who also all seem rather… excited about their performance. My strategies for lesbian kinky love-making appeared to be scuppered for the night time, however my optimism came back when I bumped into a well used friend.

I just met Stuart several months ago in an alt rock fetish function and from day one it was a power struggle. We had a mutual interest in unusual music and rubber fetish wear. He told me having been an electrician by moment and enjoyed getting astonished with electrostim toys in the evening and this made me laugh, hard. We went home jointly that night and fought to see who could tie the other person to the bed first.

I won, since I always win.

I headed towards his smile. We had met up a few times, some of those times were grubby, others sweet but it was one of those relationships that would be depending on sex alone. That was quite alright by me personally. I didn’ t require fall in love with Stuart to like getting kinky with him.

“ Am i able to touch you? ” He asked. I nodded when he slid his hand up the back of my dress. That was certainly unexpected. I recall the heat of his hand on the top of my thigh, my own face burned as the mediocre looked on.

“ That’ s quite presumptuous of you” I just nodded towards his hands.

“ Very well, you should do something about that”.

“ I think I’ve something in mind”.

I led him away, mumbling a safeword in his ear, looking to find some thing to tie porno grosse femme him to. It should be known that not almost all revellers engage in kinky making love at a fetish celebration. But , in this case… surely it would be rude not to?


I recalled a mirage of a taxi ride residence. Rich, Emma, Brooke and I shared a bed and awoke very much worse to get wear in the morning.

“ What’ s that? ”

Full pointed at my thighs. Opening them I still noticed hints of stripes via only hours before.

“ Oh that? You should see the other person! ”

We privately winced for Stuart. Needless to say, after ‘ talking out’ his presumptions the two of us left on very very good terms. I’ ve scheduled my ticket for the very next time. It’ s been a little while since I’ ve noticed Stuart, and a lot of slaves have got licked my heels after that. I go to the fetish ball as often as I can, still in cahoots with High and his glamorous model guests dressed head to toe within their fantasy.

For people who dare to indulge there is certainly plenty of kinky sex around the London fetish club landscape. It’ s waiting out there, somewhere in the dark, breathless and soaked with sweat within the dance floor.